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Let Me Tell You!

Who am I!

I am the one who provides services. In my case, hair services. Now, here we have to understand one basic principle: the client expects the best service because she is paying for it. That’s what I like, because I love to provide the best service ever and I don’t even have to try hard, I just love it. But receiving the best guaranteed service cost more. We call it “Quality”

What is quality:

Quality is non cutting corners but it’s education, it’s commitment, it’s dedication, it’s passion…..should i continue? Now does the price always make the difference? Not all the time but most of the time. To find out if this it’s for real, i have a suggestion to make to all those clients who have doubts, just ask questions and learn how to perceive the answer with logic. The best client is an intelligent client and the best service provider is an educated one. What I mean by that? It’s the professional who know his profession. Listen to the audio message on the right of this page, just press the green button and learn how to choose a salon for your hair services.

Now, I also am a client one time or another, and I like to receive the best service ever, the same service I give to my clients. It’s too much to ask, if i pay for it? I don’t think so, it’s my right and yours to. The person who give the service would have the same rights as the client? Yes he&she do, it’s matter of mutual respect. After all we are both humans.

Some time unfortunately we get one that nobody in business should have as a client. The reason is simple: she/he is arrogant, unfair, without any class at all, lier and she/he don’t respect  the fact that everybody deserves to make a living, especially when they try their best. I don’t know how they can look theme self in the mirror or worst their own children and teach them ethics if they don’t behave ethically. I apologize for saying this but I also want to say, thank god there are not many like that.

Thank you


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