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Hair loss and other hair problems

If your hair seems to be going through unfavorable phases such as thinning, oily roots, excessive dryness or overall loss, don’t ignore them. Your strands could be signaling that something’s missing internally.
Is your hair thinning out? No matter what the cause might be, the goal is to repair and restore.
How to treat: See your doctor. The University of Maryland Medical Center recommends increasing your intake of complex B vitamins (B-12, biotin, niacin, etc.), as they are essential for healthy skin and hair. Again follow your doctor suggestions to take any supplement. If the problem is external, like breakage, split ends, unruly cuticles etc etc, then the best solution, from a professional stylist, it’s to treat the hair with a good protein treatment to strengthen the hair internal structure. But its very important to understand that protein by it self can dehydrate the hair. That’s why we at Prisma customize our treatment to the type of hair and its needs. The hair composition is: protein, moisture (water) and essential fatty acids (omegas). All the rest is pure waste and hair buildup.

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