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Never do the following to your hair or hair cut:

1) In spite of old theory, never brush the hair, when is dry. Just use a large tooth comb in the shower to detangle it after applying conditioner. Why I say this? Because it’s the same thing like when you use a knife on a fish to descale it. Imagine that the scales of the fish are the cuticles of the hair, and if we use logic the process of brushing the hair is the same of scaling the fish. We will create cuticle damage. Remember the split ends don’t happen just at the ends but trough out the length of the hair. That’s why cutting split ends is not the solution. Rather we have to mend them with a good hair treatment that will hydrate the hair. When you brush the hair you are moving the sebum from the scalp to the hair. That’s all. The sebum is nothing else then a lubricant. The sebum is not a conditioner or a humectant. The sebum is an oil that helps the hair to come out in the follicle. So no hydration or strength is added to the hair.

2) Never have bangs because of high forehead. This is another myth about this subject. Bangs can be cut if the hairline is correct to introduce bangs. No receding hairlines no bangs.

3) Never allow anybody to thin out your hair with what ever instrument, never over layer the hair if it is long, never use the razor unless the stylist knows how, never friction the hair when washing it or towel drying it.

Always use logic, and you will never go wrong.
Thank you I will talk to you at the next hair tip suggestion.


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