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Joan is one of many loyal clients that come to Prisma hair design and what you see are not natural curly hair but what you see is an Air Perm.  We gave her the Air Perm back in Oct. 2012  and she had already two hair cuts.

Air perm


If we know hair chemistry, we should also know that there is a very safe way to perform a perm. First of all we have to determine if you are a candidate for a perm. Once we establish that, we go ahead with the winding and processing. At time of neutralization, if you are ok with it, we send you home with the perm rods on the head and you will sleep with them on. Now i will explain you what a neutralizer is. A neutralizer should be called an oxidizer, because it contains H2O2 (Peroxide) with other chemical compounds, and by oxidation, it will fix the hair into the new position,based on the shape of the rods. In other words, the hair gets oxidized by the oxygen in the peroxide. So, why sending you at home with the rods on? Because the hair would get oxidized by the oxygen in the air. The next day, you will be back to the salon for the finishing touches. The hair has a healthy shine and looks completely natural.

That’s why we call the perm: Air Perm. A very healthy way to perm hair.

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Important Hair Tip #2

After explaining what an excellent hair cut should be, now we are going to separate straight hair from curly hair. Cutting curly hair is not as simple as any stylist think. Curly hair has it’s own behavior and we need to understand it in order to have control of the style. We can NOT just remove quantity or thin out the hair or over layering, because it will rebel and it will behave even worst. Having said that we also have to understand that, assuming that anyone of us know how to cut curly hair, we need to know how to cut hair in general, straight hair that is. What i am saying is that, we might control the curls, but if there is no balance or shape or it doesn’t suit the person, then it’s still not right. So every professional stylist should refer a client to a salon, where they know how to handle curly hair. For example, I personally don’t like to do up-dos, so I don’t offer that service. If I don’t like to it, it means that I have no passion for it, then it would not come out good. The client will have more respect of us and she will be back for the other services.

Thank you and I will talk to you at the next hair tip



I was watching HGTV and specifically Holmes do it right. And in a way i see me in him. So picky for precision in doing things right. It doesn’t matter what type of job any of us does, there is only the right way and the wrong way of doing it. The hair cut is the same, either the stylist does or does not know how to do it. There are few rules in my opinion that determine what is an excellent hair cut. Good, to me it’s not good enough. The head is round not square, so we have to consider growth, hair line, thickness and texture. Imagination, creativity it’s a personal matter. But the rules are always the same. WE MUST respect angles and depending what we are doing the angle will change. My suggestion to everyone is never compromise with quality.

Thank you and see you at the next hair tip


Tips & Techniques

Shampooing too often can lead to dryness and frizz. The tighter the curl, the less hair needs to be shampooed.

Tight, kinky curls: 1 time per week
Medium curls: 1-2 times per week
Loose curls: 2-3 times per week


NEW Wave Create 

1) Wave Create Sea Spray

For added volume, lift sections of the hair as your spritz the Sea Spray from ends to roots. Tousle with fingertips.

If waves are falling flat and feeling limp during the day, spray Sea Spray to refresh them. Shake out the hair with fingertips massaging hair at roots, scrunch to add texture, and air dry to bring life and sexiness back to the hair.

2) Wave Create Texture Taffy

Tips & Techniques

Do not run throughout hair, scrunch the product in.

Be sure to scrunch all product into hair with no visible white product remaining.

Great for shorter hair to add texture and mold style.



Fashion News

For this Spring celebrities have made major changes in hair color, opting for neutral brunette shades. This season, neutral browns are the wayto go for haircolor that packs major modern punch.

In clothing fashon this Spring many famous designers are going for what Spring symbolizes and that isFlowers. Clothings with flowers allover in multi colors


For the next Fall/Winter for the clothing fashion for men we are going to see more military looks with boots and also a come back of the double breasted jackets. Also a come back velvet materials a sweaters and scarfs. Shoes are very taylored and elegant.

Keep warm until next fashion news



Model: Erin

Natural color: Medium Brown

Color: Fashion Red/Fucia (By Stefania )

Hair Cut : A-Symmetrical Bob ( By Mimmo )




Naturaly curly hair, medium to dark brown color

Risa is new to Prisma Hair Design. She is a Ouidad client from NYC and she was looking in Toronto for Certified Ouidad Salon. She was thrilled when she found us. She came she is happy and so are we.

Thank you Risa


Highlights on a beautiful natural medium cool blonde

Color/Highlights: By Stefania

Hair Cut: By Mimmo


Alexandra had a 5″ to 6″ regrowth and the rest was a solid very light pastel blonde. The hair cut was over layered. Stefania did highlights and lowlights  that corrected the color, giving a look totally well balanced and color distribution. Mimmo re-layered the hair and removed about 2” of the length, to create less gap betwin the shortest layer and the ends. It still requires one more hair cut, in about three months, to finish the style. She left the salon very happy.


Beautiful Copper Colors

Color/Highlights: By Stefania

Hair Cut: By Mimmo


Candice is one our clients. Beside been beautiful she was blessed with a exceptional light natural copper blonde.We decided to take it to the next level and add a medium copper gold blonde low lights, to give a bright more intense copper. The result is fantastic and Candice is vey pleased and so are we

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