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What really is a good hair cut?

This could be a million dollar question, or the easiest question to answer. It all comes to what is for you, the client. The price not always justifies the quality or the Salon’s name. Out there there are many good stylists that don’t do platform work, but they are excellent cutters. Or stylists that do platform work, that are lousy cutters. The truth is that you are the final judge but it’s imperative that you learn that behind the speech there is the logic of what a good hair cut is or just a show. One thing for sure is that the head is round, not square, and there are many geometric rules to be respected, including hair type, hair line, crown position and thickness. I personally like to explain to the client what I am doing because if she is educated on the subject, she will appreciate more what I am doing for her. But most of all she will find easier to do her own hair at home and the hair cut last long time. That is the right saving, not the price tag. At Prisma Hair Design we don’t sell a price tag, but quality work in any service we provide.

Thanks again for reading this and I talk to you at the next hair tip


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