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Here Are Some of Our Clients Testimonials:


I just discovered Prisma Hair Design through a purchased groupon and I think I got waaaay more than I paid for. I haven’t had a consistent hair stylist for over 10 years because though the haircuts I got were good enough, no one ever wowed me until Mimmo cut my hair. I will certainly be returning.

I had long, lifeless (straight) hair and Mimmo chopped it into a swinging and beautiful a-symmetrical bob. While I was getting my hair cut Mimmo suggested a hair colour he thought would look great on me, so I was back again to see Stefania for an AMAZING new colour. I paid $35 for the best haircut I’ve likely ever had, and an incredibly rich and vibrant colour.

I’ve purchased groupons for haircuts before and been quite unenthused. I went to Kearns for a cut and highlight and came out with a decent head of hair, but because I’d purchased a groupon they clearly half-assed it and were somewhat snooty with me.

Though I purchased a groupon from Prisma, they still gave me the highest standard of service. The staff are incredibly friendly and fun. I’m usually awkward about making chitchat while getting my hair done, but I had real conversations here and felt totally relaxed and taken care of.

I find the negative reviews a bit confusing and would suggest considering them with a grain of salt. The area sometimes recruits some entitled perfectionists for clientele and I wouldn’t be surprised if that were the case; much ado about nothing, I suspect.

I am very impressed with the quality of skill and the kindness of the staff (Mimmo, Stefania, and Kim). My hair looks PERFECT and I’ve never felt so good about it. I entirely recommend Prisma Hair Design. THANK YOU!

Erin M.

Feb. 19-2015



I had the most amazing experience! Felt like I was on one of those make over shows with all the attention I received. I have dealt with what I consider to be dry, frizzy, unruly curly hair my entire life and was in desperate need of help. I heard my cousins all talking about Ouidad on FB and began researching what it was all about. The closest certified salon to where I live in Buffalo, NY was in Toronto. I began e-mailing Mimmo and he was wonderful even before I decided to make the trek to Canada by responding to every and I mean daily e-mails with my questions. After corresponding with him for two weeks, the decision to allow an expert in curly hair to work on mine was a no-brainer. I will admit excited as I was, I was still very anxious as I have not changed my hair style in more years than I can remember. Everyone at Prisma was kinder than the next and reassured me along the way all would be fine. It was!! Stepahnia held my hand as she showed me how to style it, what products to use and how to get the look I wanted. Mimmo, is a master! The knowledge I received in one afternoon about taking care of curly hair was amazing. Mimmo truly loves hair and his expertise shows. I will be back in March for my next visit and can’t wait! If you have curly hair, you must go to Prisma!!

Reviewed by Sharyn W from Buffalo NY(Wavy Whirly – 2c) on July, 2016

by Susan on 10/1/2012

Curl Type: Curly

I’ve had 2 Carve & Slice cuts by Mimmo since 2012. The products & the cut work together to give me my most managable, less frizzy curls ever. Patient Stephania showed me how to syle my hair, including how to sleep on it for less flattened curls in the morning. I’ll be back soon.

Susan Hoffman


by Easterblossom

on 7/28/2012

Curl Type: Tight

My third Ouidad stylist and by far the best cut! Mimmo and Stefania were just lovely and created a wonderful experience. I’ve had my hair cut at the Ouidad salons in LA and NYC, and this was the best! Thank you!!!


by Barbara on 7/11/2012

Curl Type: Wavy

Never in my 59 years have I had a haircut remotely as good as the one Mimmo gave me! He was so attentive and so precise with every snip. Stephania followed up with an expert application of color and a highly skilled rake and shake. The results were astonishingly good.


by Karyn on 6/24/2012
Curl Type: Curly
I had wanted to try Ouidad for several years. I’m so sorry it took me so long to finally book an appointment with Mimo. Mimmo and his entire staff are exceptional.This is the happiest I’ve been with my hair in years. Loving all of my Ouidad products as well.
by Judy on 5/20/2012
Curl Type: Curly


by Judy on 5/20/2012
Curl Type: Curly

I have the hair i dreamed of, nice soft curls. The product Ouidad and the hair cut make the style amazing. thanks Mimmo and Stefania i love my new look. Judy Antecol


I live in Buffalo and I travel 2hrs. to Prisma and it is worth it to have a stylist who is trained in curly hair verses a stylist who says they know curly hair. I started with the Ouidad Salon in NYC and was hooked on their care of curly hair and products. I found Mimmo and Stephania by locating the closest salon in my area and the rest is history. When I foung the right salon nothing can come between me and my stylist. Mimmo and Stephania are not only excellent technicians in the art of curls, but lovely people.

Melissa Glorioso (Feb.2011)


I have to confess, I was somewhat apprehensive upon my first visit to Prisma Hair Salon. I wasn’t sure what to expect. After all, I’ve had to endure endless hair cutting experiences with stylists who claimed to know how to manage curly hair. My trust was continuously rewarded with yet another “Que tip” hairdo, or a modern Brillo pad coiffe.

I must say I was pleasantly surprised when Master Mimmo “created” my hair as an artist would tackle a blank canvass. The styling exercise was peppered with “how-to” hints, drying tips, hydrating suggestions and maintenance recommendations around keeping the nighttime curls; all effectively done without a hard sell on products.The atmosphere was pleasant, relaxed and fun! Kudos to Stephania & Mimmo for an enjoyable afternoon and curls to be embraced, not hidden beneath a hat.

I’m definitely coming back.

Angela M. Forgione (Feb. 2011)


Both Mimmo and Stephania worked on my then 3 year old daughters hair. She is completely blind and doesn’t take to having her hair done. They were absolutely wonderful with her and with her hair. They didn’t try to rush through to get her out of the chair but instead gave her a quality Ouidad cut and style. Not only was their work superb their manners and how they related to such a young child was outstanding. Now almost 6 months later she still talks about going to see them and having them cut her hair. I have been to other Ouidad certified salons in the past as there are none in our area we visit a salon when we happen to be traveling nearby but theirs is superior to all the others.


I have been going to Prisma for 5 years and still can’t believe the difference the Ouidad method and products make. Mimmo is a fabulous stylist and Stefania is such a talented teacher. You will leave here knowing how to recreate your best look every day.

Sharri F. (Aug. 2010)


Getting my hair cut and styled at Prisma was an amazing experience. Normally I absolutely dread getting my hair cut since the stylists were never sure how to handle my hair even though they all CLAIMED they did! I was always made sure I was going home directly after the cut since once they were finished my hair would be horribly frizzy. My experience at Prisma was entirely different from any other hair cutting experience I have ever had. Mimmo is exceptionally skilled and when Stefania styled my hair I was astounded – I have no idea my hair could do defined ringlets what Stefania taught me how to do! I was aware of this salon for a couple of years before I went for my cut – but I was always reluctant to go there because of the cost of the cut. However, I have since realized that it truly is an investment – can anyone really put a price on ending bad hair days?! My cut has had amazing staying power and thanks to the styling lesson I have been able to keep my curls looking great. I would highly recommend this salon to anyone with curls. Thanks Mimmo and Stefania! -Kelly B. (July 2010)


I went to Toronto’s Prisma hair design. this was actually my second time.This time I had the softening done as well as the carve and slice hair cut. amazing results!I couldn’t be happier. I wish I had had the softening done a long time a go.I’ts like I have totally different hair now, looser curls, no frizz it’s awesome I love it!

LISA, 06/29/2010


Mimmo, did a great job on my hair and I love the products that I got introduced to. Mimmo you and your team was great to me. I love my hair and the Ouidad product is great. The more I use it the more I love my hair. Thanks again Mimmo!

SHAMIM DHAMANI, 11/25/2008


Mimmo is not only an expert stylist, but a skilled teacher. Today I had my Carve and Slice 2. Mimmo understands, and listens to your concerns, fears, and needs,,and I can take a deep breath knowing that he will create the look I need,,and that he did! Thank you Mimmo,,and team.

CINDY DAVIE, Oct.31st 2008


After having been to Prisma Hair Design I am sure that as long as Mimmo is there I will be a loyal costumer. My hair looked stunning after I left and I was getting compliments left and right. What I loved though as much as the cut was the demeanour of the staff. They were all very welcoming and nice. Also, for those of you ladies who love your long curls no worries. Mimmo is not scissor happy at all!

CAROLINA, 9/13/08


I’m with you! Had my first experience at Prisma and am booked back in for October. Mimmo is the best and he gave me loads of great info on my hair. I love the cut he fixed up some of my previous hair nono’s and now that my hair has grown a bit the cut makes sense and looks great, also easy to manage. Go Mimmo go!

KERRIE in Mississauga, 9/5/08


Mimmo is incredibly skilled, professional and truly a sensitive, artist. He has given me an intrinsic awareness of how simple, and beautiful my natural curls can be. I have hidden them for 34 years and now I have time to be ‘me’. Thank you to you and your staff!!!

Cindy Davie, July 5th 2008


If anyone is looking for a professional that understands curly hair and will educate you on how to manage and properly treat your curls, than you have found him. What Mimmo is to curly hair, is what Michael Angelo is to art. Mimmo, you have earned my trust and respect. Thanks to you I love my hair and no longer have anxiety when it comes to getting my hair cut. My curls are exactly what I always dreamed they would be…. long, full, manageable and never looking better! Your special technique of cutting along with your products have given me the solution to all my hair problems. Thank you Mimmo and thanks to your dynamic staff that work as a team to make the whole experience professional and stress free. Your very satisfied client,

Maggie Mota, Oct.2007

I had 14 Great Curly Hair Day in Cancun Mexico WoW! You were right Mimmo, I used OUIDAD: Curl Quencher moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner (did not rinse out conditioner) next, Botanical Boost Spray-in Conditioner, Climate Control heat and humidity Gel, Clear Control Pomade, Summer Shield Beach/Pool Spray. This was the best Hair vacation EVER! My curls stayed frizz free, defined and beautiful on the beach in 87 degree weather . I received twice as many compliments, and woman were asking me how I was able to manage so-o-o-o much thick hair in this weather. It was definantly a topic of conversation.

You’re the best Mimmo!

Maggie Mota, Jan.2008


I recently went all the way from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to Toronto,Canada for the best hair makeover of my life. Mimmo was able to transform an overlayered mess into beautiful curls. It was the first time I have ever left a salon without having to immediately wash and re-style my hair. In addition, the staff was excellent at providing detailed education on the best products for my hair type and the way to use each product. I have spent minimal time on styling and my hair looks great no matter how humid it is outside. Thanks Mimmo!

Tina Nowak, 4/23/2008


For years I pulled, ironed whatever and when to Prism Hair In Toronto in April after that – no more straightening for me. I’ve been once since April and I can honestly say I like my hair better now. I use botanical boost Climate Control and the Serum. I tried the gel but found the serum worked better for me. I spritz my hair in the morning with water and might spritz a little Botanical Boost other than that nothing. I golf almost daily and so during the humidity nothing happened -absolutely nothing – no frizz it was amazing. I also am not washing my hair as often as before – and quite often won’t rinse all of the conditioner out.I’m a happy camper

Anonymous, 08/29/2007


Finally our 13 year old daughter loves her curly hair. We recently drove 3 hours for Mimmo’s carve and slice haircut. What a difference! She now has long spiral, defined curls instead of a puffy, frizzy mess. At last we found someone who truly knows how to cut curly hair. Mimmo, you are the best. I only wish we had heard about Mimmo sooner. It would have saved Kaylee many tears. Stefania was great at explaining how to use the products and style her hair while Michele did a wonderful job with the highlights and lowlights. Thanks to all of you and keep up your great work. We look forward to seeing you again!

Trudy, Kaylee and Neal Mathews South Dayton, NY, 07/19/2006


# I was thrilled to learn that I had won the Prisma curly hair challenge and was excited to see if all the hype over Ouidad is warranted. I have had the same long curly hairstyle for years as every time I went shorter it poofed out. Mimmo gave me the best haircut. My hair has so much body without the poof, it moves and falls amazingly with a life of it’s own. I have been to most of the top hair salons in Toronto and for the first time ever I walked out happy with the way my hair was cut, colored and styled. It is perfect. Mimmo and Stefania are so passionate about Ouidad and they really take the time to explain the techniques and how to use the products. Thank you Mimmo!!!!

Leslie S., 07/06/2006


Although I didn’t win the Prisma Hair Design Curl Challenge 2006, I was pleasantly surprised to receive a gift certificate for 50% off a Curly Cut and 20% off hair products, just for entering the contest. I was so excited that I hardly slept the night before my appointment, as I have read so many great things about Ouidad Certified Salons. What would my experience be like? It was great!! Not only do I love the cut, I’ve learned a lot about my hair. Mimmo takes the time necessary to teach you about your hair and its uniqueness. You also learn which products you will need for your hair, and how to use them. After many years of being terrified of Hair Salons, I’m relieved to have found Mimmo at Prisma Hair Design, in Toronto. Thanks Again Mimmo…

Jacqui B., 06/20/2006


I recently got the carve and slice haircut at Prisma and can say that it is the best haircut I have ever had. Mimmo is fabulous and it was a wonderful experience! It was well worth the over 4 hour drive I made and I will definately be returning.



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