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Curly Hair Tips

15 Tips for Natural Curly Hair :


1. Know your curl type. Different curls require different care and maintenance.

2. Treat it right. Using a weekly treatment will make all the difference in the world.

3. Never brush it, wet or dry. Never, ever.

4. Use a wide-tooth comb when you are in the shower with conditioner on.

5. Don’t touch it. The less you touch it, the better it will be. Diffuse it when is about 80% dry.

6. Towel blot and never friction the hair, you will cause cuticle damage.

7. A diffuser is a must. Do not attempt to dry your hair without one. Diffuse it when is about 80% dry.

8. If you have fine, curly hair, a Ouidad leave-in conditioner or a light gel is best to help manage the curls, but use regular Ouidad gel if the hair is thick.

9. If your hair is coarse, start with a leave on spray conditioner (Botanical Boost + Moisture lock by Ouidad).

10. Don’t always use shampoo when you “wash” it. You can use Ouidad CurlCo-Wash Conditioner Shampoo.

11. Always sleep with the hair up and in a scranchie.

12. Split ends cause hair to appear frizzier than it actually is. The only way to control them is to mende them with a good treatment (Ouidad Deep Treatment is excellent, Ouidad Masks)

13. Never have curly hair cut dry. It’s important to see the curls natural movements.

14. Frizz control products really do work. Follow the leader Ouidad, to know how.

15. It may not be convenient, but air-dry when possible, then diffuse it.