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Natural Curly Hair Cuts by Mimmo only

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(Client’s Name is Maggie)

Carving & Slicing is a Ouidad unique haircut technique, created over 40 years ago specifically with your curls and waves in mind.

It’s so unique that the US Trademark Office recognizes it with its own trademark. Essentially, Carving & Slicing removes the bulk associated with the dreaded “pyramid” look, by cutting into specific and strategic areas, while preserving and enhancing your natural curl pattern.

This combination produces well-defined ringlets that fit gently into each other like puzzle pieces creating healthier, more manageable curls. It’s only available at Ouidad Certified Salons and Prisma Hair Design is the first Ouidad Certified Salon In Canada. So beware of stylists claiming to “Carve & Slice” without the intense training, knowledge and understanding of curly hair that only the Curl Experts at Ouidad salons receive.

But that’s not all, in doing a hair cut it requires more then just the Ouidad technique. The hair cut has to have a form, a balance, and has to be easy for you to do it. That’s why we call it Precision Cutting for straight or curly hair. It’s a combination of Geometry, Physics, imagination and Passion.

Natural curly hair lady’s cut ( by Mimmo only )  starting at  $200 + tax

Natural curly hair man’s cut ( by Mimmo only )  starting at  $125 + tax

Price to be determined at time of hair auditing