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Hair loss and other hair problems

If your hair seems to be going through unfavorable phases such as thinning, oily roots, excessive dryness or overall loss, don’t ignore them. Your strands could be signaling that something’s missing internally.
Is your hair thinning out? No matter what the cause might be, the goal is to repair and restore.
How to treat: See your doctor. The University of Maryland Medical Center recommends increasing your intake of complex B vitamins (B-12, biotin, niacin, etc.), as they are essential for healthy skin and hair. Again follow your doctor suggestions to take any supplement. If the problem is external, like breakage, split ends, unruly cuticles etc etc, then the best solution, from a professional stylist, it’s to treat the hair with a good protein treatment to strengthen the hair internal structure. But its very important to understand that protein by it self can dehydrate the hair. That’s why we at Prisma customize our treatment to the type of hair and its needs. The hair composition is: protein, moisture (water) and essential fatty acids (omegas). All the rest is pure waste and hair buildup.

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What really is a good hair cut?

This could be a million dollar question, or the easiest question to answer. It all comes to what is for you, the client. The price not always justifies the quality or the Salon’s name. Out there there are many good stylists that don’t do platform work, but they are excellent cutters. Or stylists that do platform… Continue Reading

Hair Service Definition

Hello everyone Today I want to give you few tips on the definition of hair services. So you will understand that shopping for a better price, it never pays, or almost never. We at Prisma Hair Design don’t cut corners, we cut hair and perform hair services to the fullest meaning of the ward. Here… Continue Reading

Rodan and Fields Skin Line

I just start using the REDEFINE line in the morning and night. I use them in conjunction with the SOOTHE moisturizer.The improvement is visible and having sensitive skin it helps me a lot. I am allergic to alcohol content after shave and other products. I also like it because the products are not greasy and… Continue Reading

About Our Skin

The skin is the largest organ of the body. It’s the organ that covers the entire body. It’s the messenger of how we are over all and most of all it tells us how OLD we are. Or better yet, it tells us our biological age. That translates how we feel, how confident we are… Continue Reading

Our Website

HOW TO READ OUR WEBSITE I would like to take this technological opportunity and explain how to visit our website and take advantage of straight forward hair knowledge. In our website you will find, by reading my articles, that it’s not just advertise on line, but it’s most of all hair education. It’s very… Continue Reading

What is a good hair cut

Well, lets start by saying that a good hair cut is not just having the hair shorter.  Beside, the head has round forms not square. So we need to respect the fact that we have many angles and that the perimeter is also not uniform. Every one has a different hair line, hair texture, hair… Continue Reading


Never do the following to your hair or hair cut: 1) In spite of old theory, never brush the hair, when is dry. Just use a large tooth comb in the shower to detangle it after applying conditioner. Why I say this? Because it’s the same thing like when you use a knife on a… Continue Reading


Fashion has always recycled it self, with a touch of the modern present. We see all kinds of looks in magazines, from the extravagant to the more acceptable for you as a consumer. What is fashion to us at Prisma Hair Design? Fashion to us is any style that the consumer ( clients ) receive… Continue Reading