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What is a good hair cut

Well, lets start by saying that a good hair cut is not just having the hair shorter.  Beside, the head has round forms not square. So we need to respect the fact that we have many angles and that the perimeter is also not uniform. Every one has a different hair line, hair texture, hair thickness and hair growth. The features are many and they differ in everyone of us. For example who can have bangs and who can not. How can me create body and flow of movements. All this gives us a perfect hair cut. As a stylist I need to have the courage to say NO if I think it would not be beneficial to the final look. Regardless of loosing a sell or not. That is what I call professionalism. But a precision hair cut is hair that will grow easy on you, easy for you to do and lasting longer. A good hair cut is a combination of: Geometry, Physic, Imagination and Passion. Sounds to technical? Well there is only one thing to do to experience what a precision hair cut is, just come to Prisma Hair Design and enjoy the ride to easy hair that will allow you to do it like a professional stylist.

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Never do the following to your hair or hair cut: 1) In spite of old theory, never brush the hair, when is dry. Just use a large tooth comb in the shower to detangle it after applying conditioner. Why I say this? Because it’s the same thing like when you use a knife on aContinue Reading


Fashion has always recycled it self, with a touch of the modern present. We see all kinds of looks in magazines, from the extravagant to the more acceptable for you as a consumer. What is fashion to us at Prisma Hair Design? Fashion to us is any style that the consumer ( clients ) receiveContinue Reading

Inside Hair Tip

Last weekend I was in NYC at Ouidad salon for a meeting. I can tell you that there will be a lot of new stuff coming up that will make you curls amazing. Always innovations to bring you the best products for curly hair, actually hair is hair and you can use then on straightContinue Reading

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BEAUTY FROM WITHIN Juice Plus is the most thoroughly researched nutraceutical in the history of the World…the research is conclusive….Juice Plus affects those aspects of physiology and biochemistry that are clearly associated with human disease. Juice Plus Capsules and Gummies are an easy way to add more nutrition from 17 fresh raw fruits, vegetables andContinue Reading

Prisma App

It’s finally ready for you to download it. The Prisma Hair Design App allow you to book an appointment, shop for hair products, make a comment, post your picture, get hair educated, get coupons, get directions and much more. Just go to search, type the name Prisma hair design and download the app. Any upgradeContinue Reading

Let Me Tell You!

Who am I! I am the one who provides services. In my case, hair services. Now, here we have to understand one basic principle: the client expects the best service because she is paying for it. That’s what I like, because I love to provide the best service ever and I don’t even have toContinue Reading

Hair Perm or Air Perm?

Air Perm If we now hair chemistry, we should also knows that  there is a very safe way to perform a perm. First of all we have to determine if you are a candidate for a perm. Once we establish that, we go ahead with the winding and processing. At time of neutralization, if youContinue Reading