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Top 10 Interview Mistakes to Avoid

Here are, “Top 10 Interview Mistakes to Avoid” suggested by an employer who appreciates good quality employee


Toronto, ON. – The economy is currently facing slow job growth and with slow growth results in fierce competition for open positions amongst job seekers. The pressure is on for those looking for employment to have flawless interview skills. Sometimes the stress of an interview can cause candidates to make unusual and sometimes fatal mistakes which can be avoided by being prepared.At, we have interviewed 1000’s of candidates for positions throughout the Greater Toronto Area. No matter how experienced the candidate, no matter how qualified they are for the position, we still come across job seekers that make fatal mistakes that cost them the job. We have compiled a list of the top mistakes to avoid while interviewing for a position.
Our Top 10 Interview Mistakes that Will Cost you the JOB Include:
1. Being Unprepared: Not being able to answer the simple question, “What do you know about our company” might lead to a short interview and no call back. Make sure to research the company you are interviewing with. Know the company history, locations, and mission statement – all of which can usually be found in the “About Us” section of a company’s website.
2. Dressing Inappropriately: Showing up to a job interview in last night’s bar clothes probably won’t get you the lasting impression you were hoping for. Generally, it’s best to wear a suit if you are applying to a professional position – even if the office is business casual, you can’t go wrong with dressing to impress!
3. Sharing Irrelevant Information: Recruiters don’t need to know “how awesome your date was last weekend with the cute guy you met in the grocery store.” All of the information a candidate should share with a hiring manager should be relevant to the position that they are applying for.
4. Sharing your Debt History: It is generally best to defer the compensation conversation until after you have been offered the position regardless of how broke you are. Make the company fall in love with you, once they feel that they have you, negotiating for what you want will be a lot smoother and work to your benefit.
5. Making a List of Demands: Never, under any circumstances, go into an interview listing off what you need and want. Your conversation should be focused on the employer and how you can help their company. Bringing up your list of demands will make the company feel that you are not interested in them and only concerned for yourself.
6. Cutting the Interview Short: Expecting a phone call? Have another interview? Never cut the interview short because you have an appointment or another interview scheduled. The interviewee controls the time sequence and will always decide when to wrap things up.
7. Bringing Friends or Family to your Interview: Can’t find a babysitter? Have an outing planned with a friend after your interview? Bringing them into the waiting area while you have your interview is frowned upon.
8. Answering your Cell Phone: Waiting for an important call from a friend regarding weekend plans? Nothing could be more distracting to an interviewee than a potential candidate answering their phone in the middle of an interview. Ensure your phone is on silent or turned off until you leave the building.
9. Lying: Often candidates will exaggerate on their resumes, but remember it is downright wrong to lie on your resume and in a job interview. Honesty is always the best policy and companies look for it in their employees, current and future.
10. Getting Lost and Arriving Late: With GPS, MapQuest and cell phones, there is no excuse for getting lost and showing up late to an interview – unless the company relocated overnight. Look up directions ahead of time, if possible do a practice run, and give yourself plenty of time to get to your interview.
With the pressure on, candidates must ensure to bring their “A Game” to all potential job opportunities.