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What really is fashion. Fashion is what the famous designers decide to promote. Including The business side of it as their first priority. All it’s based on history that repeats itself with the modern touch and today life style. That includes hair fashion and clothing. Not everybody can follow it. The reason is because we all have our own, similar to the latest but within our confort zone. For me fashion is anything that I ware comfortably and I walk in it with confidence. That goes for the hair or the clothes. All reflects who we are, our character and personality. Personally I don’t like the extreme, rather I am modern contemporary but with good taste. I like Armani, Hugo Boss, Burberry but I could not ware Versace, that it’s too extreme for me. Having said that we need to follow it or we become dated, out of reality. Hair falls in this same category, with the difference that we have to keep in consideration that everyone has different hair. Different texture, different quantity different growth. As per the pictures you see here, beside the hair cut, to define the curls we did two services, I think well done, achieving a curl definition impossible to get working only with the natural texture and curls type you see here. The hair cut balances all. That’s why, as I always say, the hair cut has to be precisely done and customized for each individual person. Simply pure logic plus knowledge!

Talk to you the next hair time.

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