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What is a good hair cut

Well, lets start by saying that a good hair cut is not just having the hair shorter.  Beside, the head has round forms not square. So we need to respect the fact that we have many angles and that the perimeter is also not uniform. Every one has a different hair line, hair texture, hair thickness and hair growth. The features are many and they differ in everyone of us. For example who can have bangs and who can not. How can me create body and flow of movements. All this gives us a perfect hair cut. As a stylist I need to have the courage to say NO if I think it would not be beneficial to the final look. Regardless of loosing a sell or not. That is what I call professionalism. But a precision hair cut is hair that will grow easy on you, easy for you to do and lasting longer. A good hair cut is a combination of: Geometry, Physic, Imagination and Passion. Sounds to technical? Well there is only one thing to do to experience what a precision hair cut is, just come to Prisma Hair Design and enjoy the ride to easy hair that will allow you to do it like a professional stylist.

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